Sunday, October 14, 2007


This site will rank the most successful acts, singles, songs and labels of the 1940's on Billboard's mainstream chart. The rankings are obtained using the Chartwatch sales-related points system (copyright Hancock, J.M. & Rawlings, N.D.(1981) CW 1:31; CW 2:33-34). It should be noted from the outset that these charts were institutionally racist and that black acts were usually relegated to a 'race'/R&B chart that is not scored here. However, the rankings are still an interesting insight into the musical styles that were favoured by the 'white' radio stations and record executives that ran the industry. It is also notable that, despite its racist bias, the chart was occasionally obliged to recognise black artists such as Nat 'King' Cole and Duke Ellington, as will become apparent from the annual analyses.

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